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There are some great  destinations to explore at your leisure. No matter how you travel, independently, by charter package, in groups, organised tours and trips. There's plenty to be learned from these pages







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The Travel Magazine welcome you. This UK based magazine is aimed at the independent traveller. Although efforts will be made to keep the age spectrum wide, there will be an inevitable bias towards the mature end of the market where spending power is greatest.

The magazine was launched in November 2004 and it is intended that rolling changes will be made regularly.

Expect an eclectic mix of tales from the travel industry, features on destinations, ideas to try out, travel tips and even suggestions for a good holiday read. Anything goes with the slightest connection to travel. So get yourself on the way to some great destinations, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Peru or just enjoy a weekend break in the UK. It is all found through the contents

All the pictures in this magazine are available as high definition digital images and can be purchased for reproduction.

 Buying a property in North Cyprus, Part 4   hot

Istanbul,  Lake Van

Brian & Eileen's visit to Malta 

& Wild orchids of North Cyprus;  

Samos: Leading from Behind

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UK weekend breaks are a new section recently introduced with more suggestions to follow.  Going overseas, check out features on Greece, Tenerife, Bulgaria and Portugal, especially Algarve.

Special interests are catered for with trips to down under to Australia, across the pond to USA and the Italian Dolomites.

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It is eight years since the first tentative launch of this magazine and we are delighted with the growth in readership. We thank all those who have shown such interest around the world and who continue to give us their support.


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Editorial Policy

This magazine is entirely independent and totally free of sponsorship. It is written by professional travel writers and the views expressed are theirs alone.

Any hospitality trips accepted will be followed by an acknowledgement but editorial freedom will always be maintained.

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